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IBC, pioneered by UX Network and backed by Antelope Coalition, is an innovative blockchain tool for seamless asset transfer between distinct blockchains, revolutionizing cross-chain interaction.
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The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol is a groundbreaking solution, developed by UX Network and financially supported by the Antelope Coalition. It enables separate blockchains to interact and transfer assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, without the need for a third-party bridge. With IBC, actions taken on one blockchain can be verified and executed on another, all under the users’ control. This technology offers a versatile toolkit for cross-chain applications, notably in the realms of DeFi and GameFi. By integrating instant finality, IBC transactions become nearly instantaneous, cementing Antelope chains’ edge in swift and secure blockchain operations. This new level of interoperability and efficiency is set to redefine the landscape of blockchain technology and its potential applications.

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