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Decentralized Exchange(DEX)


The first true on-chain secondary trading platform built for the next generation of commodity markets.
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UtilityX, a next-generation decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, aims to revolutionize digital assets trading and liquidity provision. Built on the UX Network, it offers an array of features including customizable pools, auction-based trading, and swap flexibility. The platform integrates with MetaMask, facilitating ease of use and wider accessibility. It eliminates gas fees, provides dynamic rewards for liquidity providers, and supports wrapped assets through a unique bridge mechanism. UtilityX’s emphasis on user experience and technological innovation positions it as a leading contender in the evolving DeFi landscape. Its mission: to deliver seamless, efficient, and robust DeFi solutions for all.



UtilityX is a groundbreaking DeFi platform built on the UX Network, that aims to revolutionize the way users interact with Automated Market Makers (AMMs).

The UFX token will serve as the native utility token of the UtilityX platform, with its utility functions to be released post-launch. These functions include protocol fee capture, cross-pool conduit, and UFX staking, offering additional benefits to users and LPs alike.

For the moment you can login using Anchor Wallet and/or Metamask

UtilityX integrates with MetaMask, an Ethereum wallet, allowing users to manage their digital assets directly within the UtilityX platform. Users can participate in token swaps, liquidity provision, and other DeFi operations, with all transactions being reviewed and approved within MetaMask.

UtilityX features customizable pools, auction-based trading, swap flexibility, multi-trade functionality, local LP fees, dynamic kicker, wrapped assets/bridge, gas-free transactions, and MetaMask integration.