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UX Network

Blockchain Infrastructure Powering Decentralised Economies Unparalleled speed, scale and cost efficiency in an open permissionless network


The UX Network is a groundbreaking blockchain platform that’s transforming decentralized finance. It introduces a unique resource model utilizing UTX and UTXRAM tokens for proportional resource allocation. It also features the innovative TC/TU function, enabling separation of token utility from governance rights. The network supports Inter-Blockchain Communication for cross-chain transactions and is prepping for instant finality, enhancing transaction efficiency. Designed for institutional adoption, UX Network makes blockchain more accessible, fostering a more inclusive DeFi ecosystem.

Core Contributors

Guillaume "Gnome" Babin-Tremblay

Chief Architect & Core Developer

Daryn Soards

Chief Economist & Core Developer

Shaq Kheder

Core Developer


The UX Network is a blockchain platform that has created a unique resource model employing two tokens, UTX and UTXRAM. These tokens are used to access system resources like CPU/NET and RAM respectively. The UX Network also introduces a TC/TU function, which allows token holders to separate the utility and governance rights of their tokens.

UTX and UTXRAM tokens are used to access different types of resources in the UX Network. UTX tokens are used to access CPU/NET resources, while UTXRAM tokens are used for RAM resources. The allocation of these resources is based on the proportion of tokens held by a user.

TC and TU tokens are created when a user locks their token (T) into a contract using the TC/TU function of the UX Network. The TC token represents governance rights and long-term economic benefits, while the TU token represents utility rights for that specific token and has a time to maturity.

The UX Network is set to reshape decentralized finance by introducing a unique resource model with UTX and UTXRAM tokens, enabling proportional resource allocation. It’s tailored for institutional adoption with a user-friendly interface and transparent operations. The TC / TU function allows separation of utility and governance rights, enhancing token economy dynamics. Inter-Blockchain Communication fosters cross-chain transactions, while the upcoming instant finality feature will expedite transaction processing. These innovations make the UX Network a trailblazer in efficient, flexible, and inclusive blockchain technology.