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Step into the future of blockchain technology at, your home for resources, discussions, and collaborations with fellow UX Network enthusiasts.

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What is UX Network

The Wall Street of Web3: Pioneering the Future of Decentralized Economies

With unparalleled speed, a revolutionary resource model, and exceptional transaction finality, the UX Network is paving the way to become the infrastructure of public & private DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi ecosystems.

UX Network Fundamentals

Rational resource model

Revolutionary model ensuring stable allocation and reliable transaction costs.

Transaction speed

Over 20,000 transactions per second, poised for millions with multi-threading.

Blockchain Resilience

Uninterrupted operation for over 1000 days, demonstrating remarkable reliability.

No Gas Fees

Eliminates unpredictable gas fees, offering consistent transaction costs


Enables trustless, scalable inter-blockchain communication, advancing blockchain integration.

Instant Finality

Reduces transaction settlement time from 3 minutes to be practically instantly.

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Worker Proposal Fund

160M UTX fund fostering innovation and community-driven projects.

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Delivers comprehensive on-chain tools for full KYC requirements.

Built by

Developed by, a pioneering force in the blockchain space.


Designed for Tomorrow, Today

0rigin is pioneering a revolution in decentralized economies, diligently crafting a unique ecosystem that blends traditional disciplines from finance and technology with state-of-the-art innovation. This ecosystem is a constellation of applications and technologies, some already operational while others are still in the pipeline, all geared towards profoundly impacting the global economy.

While the future is always in motion, 0rigin’s ecosystem is being engineered today for tomorrow’s decentralized world, meticulously crafted by the innovative team at